Estimated revenue can be seen throughout the dashboard and is the base unit for our calculations such as eCPM.


Estimated vs Actual Revenue

Estimated revenue is our real-time estimation of revenue based on impressions we receive from our partners.  It is what we estimate based on our logged results of each header bidding auction.
For example, we log that Pubmatic won the impression with a bid of $2.50. This data is updated every other hour.

Actual revenue is reported a day later to enhance data accuracy.  It is what our demand partners send to us in their reporting and is what will actually be paid. It is limited to the time-based and Ad Network dimensions in the dashboard. This is updated as we receive the data from our partners, usually around 24 hours delayed.



The reason for the discrepancy between estimated and actual is mostly attributable to Google AdX.  We cannot see what AdX is paying for the impression because they have the last look, so we always estimate an AdX “win” at $0.01 more than the highest bid in the auction - when in reality they are paying more, this causes high discrepancies for AdX wins. 

For example, AdX won the impression and the highest bid submitted from the auction was $2.50, we estimate AdX paid $2.51 for the impression.


NOTE:  Data is reported in Pacific Time (PT)

All demand partner reporting is adjusted to match PST.  We do not have a way to change the timezone the dashboard is reported in at this time. 



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