Publishers will receive an email from Google with the authorization request.  The authorization request will allow you to register with Google AdExchange as being represented by Proper Media and will allow us to run AdX on your site(s). 

The invitation will look something like this:


What it Means

AdX Authorization allows Proper Media to run its AdX account on your domain. AdX often accounts for over 40% of inventory purchased programmatically on a given site, so this authorization is an important step in maximizing yield.

  • The approval doesn’t mean that Proper has the ability to go into your DFP account. 
  • The approval doesn’t mean that Proper can go into your website code and drop ads on your website (that is still managed and owned 100% by you - the Child Publisher)


Google's Policy

2.2. Google Scaled Partner Management ("SPM") Policies
Child Registration. If Partner ("Parent") sells advertising inventory through Google Monetization on a Site for which Parent does not own the root domain ("Child Inventory"), Parent must accurately register the Child Inventory and the party that owns the Child Inventory's root domain ("Child") through the SPM functionality, and Parent must comply with these SPM Policies. If Parent does not register Child Inventory and its Child via SPM, Parent may not monetize that Child Inventory through Google Monetization.

The Parent must have a direct contractual relationship with each Child, which grants Parent all necessary rights to make available and manage the Child's Inventory through Google Monetization.


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