The sticky ad unit can be positioned to be sticky right, left or at the bottom of the page while the user scrolls, depending on the size.


Price Floors

Custom price floors can be set for sticky ad units. Sticky units are inherently highly viewable ad slots, so setting a higher price floor makes sure they only show up when the price is high enough to respect the high-value space.


Multiple Sticky Ads

We have found that having only one sticky is best to preserve user experience. We do not support multiple sticky ad units at this time.



Our sticky ad tag includes the “ad-sticky” class which controls the adhesive styling.



The Proper Sticky is currently available as a 728x90, 160x600, or 970x90.


AMP Compatible

Sticky ads are available on AMP.



Keep these always in view slots refreshing to help make the most out of the valuable in-view time. Our team can set an accelerated refresh when slots are viewable to help monetize the slot further.


Dynamic Units

We are able to create a dynamic sticky unit for you to add to the site. It even moves to best fit with the layout of your site depending on the size of the screen.


Why Is the Fill Lower?

Price Floor is higher & no passback because of the user experience. Rather than passing back to remnant inventory, we don't display it to improve the user experience. If you would like the sticky ad to display more often, contact your account rep to lower the price floor.


How To Implement

Add the provided ad tag anywhere to the <body> section of your web page.



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