What Is An AdMap & Why Do You Need One?

To get the best possible return, you need a good ad map. An ad map lists all the different ad slots and corresponding sizes and device preferences. It is essentially a list of the places and corresponding sizes to define the ads that you would like to show up on your website. It is a great way to add another control to user experience.


How Does It Work?

You can either send us a bullet point list of placements names and sizes (along with desktop or mobile designations) or you can use our template to map out the best placements.


What Does a Good One Look Like?

Here is a mock-up of an example website with a good amount of ads. They should make up no more than 30% of your total space-- here are some other tips for ad sizes.


Below is the translation of those ad slots into a map. It shows the name of the ad location (ie leaderboard, side_1, etc) and then defines by device the size of the ad. The smaller the screen, the smaller the largest ad that is allowed in each space. For example, for the side slots have "n/a" for mobile, which means they will not appear on mobile screens, because when the page becomes responsive to the smaller size, it just takes away the side content. This is highly dependent on your own unique properties of your website. For best practices for ad placements check out this Ad Placement Guidelines article.



Can You Change Your Ad Map?

Yes, it is possible to change your sizing or add or turn off sizes once they have been created. To learn more about this process check out our Changing Ad Slots article. Feel free to reach out to your Customer Service representative for more information. 


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