About properSpecialOps

properSpecialOps is a Javascript variable with properties that can dictate how the Proper script runs. In layman terms, it provides our code with information that we can use to perform actions like: targeting direct deals to that page only, speed up the ad load time, disable Google, etc.



Below you will find an outline of the possible keys that can be used.


properSpecialOps Property #1 Tags

What? Defines the category of the content on the page.

Why? More advanced reporting, and more specific direct deal targeting. Ads can be targeted to include or exclude specific "tags."

How? Passed to our ad server via a key-value pair. Also appears in the Advanced Dashboard under the Tags dimension.

Tags Example

properSpecialOps.tags = ['sports', 'baseball', 'Padres', 'etc'];


properSpecialOps Property #2 Post ID

What? A unique identifier of each page on your site.

Why? Ad targeting down to the specific page level.

How? Passed to our ad server via a key-value pair.

Post ID Example

properSpecialOps.post_id = 753169;


properSpecialOps Property #3 Isolated

What? Turns on/off Google demand. 0 = Google turned on, 1 = Google turned off.

Why? Google demand should be disabled on pages that violate Google's ad policies.

Isolated Example

properSpecialOps.isolated = [0];
properSpecialOps.isolated = [1];



properSpecialOps must always go above our header script. This ensures that it is loaded before anything else, so it can effectively impact the elements on the page that it needs to.

Javascript -  properSpecialOps is the variable, followed by the object properties and values of each.



     var properSpecialOps = properSpecialOps || {};

     properSpecialOps.tags = ['News', 'Politics', 'Election'];

     properSpecialOps.isolated = 1;

     properSpecialOps.post_id = 8675309;



For multiple tags be sure to include single quotes around each one ie: 'tag1', 'tag2' etc.


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