A brief summary of the different tabs in the New Dashboard:

Home:  This tab defaults to a data summary for the "Last 30 Days" of all domains on the account.

Site Manager:  This section provides access to:

  • View current size settings for ad slots
  • Download & verify ads.txt compliance
  • (NEW) View and download your ad tags anytime you need
  • (Coming Soon) Video

Analytics:  This section ties into our New Looker Integration.  

  • Custom Reports:  Create your own AdHoc reports
  • Preset Report Modules include:  Browser, Device Category, Websites, Ad Units, Demand Partners, URL paths and Demand Reports
  • Saved Reports:  Access any save reported associated with your user account

Quality Control:  If Google detects a policy violation on your website, they report this back to Proper.  Proper posts the list of violations for each website on your account here.
Payments:  We’re integrated with Tipalti to manage all our payment processing.

  • Payment History – this view will show what you actually get paid – Net to you
  • Invoice History – this view will show any deductions/clawbacks
  • Payment Details – if you ever need to make any updates, that can be done here

Client Profile:  In the upper right corner, you can view and edit your user profile and company profile.  

Notifications:  Located in the upper right corner identified by the "bell" icon.