If latency becomes an issue let us know. There are a few things we can do to speed up the process, but understanding why there may be extra load time can also be useful.


We Make Load Times Faster

There are many steps that go into monetizing your ad slots through header bidding. The primary benefit of header bidding is increased competition for each ad impression, which can sometimes also come with a little more load time. The auction is left open for a little longer than normal to get in more bids so you monetize the best-priced ad to show. This additional competition increases the chance of a higher bid price due to more bids in the pool. 

To combat latency, we deploy an auction timeout so that we are able to hold the time that the auction is open to a minimum, while still allowing enough bids to be placed on the ad slot. The default timeout setting is 1800ms.

We also use asynchronous loading so that the ads load as quickly as each individual one can, instead of tying them in a specific queue to wait for a subset of other things set before it to load.


Additional Ways to Decrease Load Time

To help speed up your load time here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your site loads quickly. Try browser extensions like Google's Developer Tool, Lighthouse to analyze your page load speed. The faster your browser initially loads, the quicker the ad will be shown.
  2. Use the minimum possible number of other third-party partners -- each of the additional third-party scripts increase the load.
  3. Watch out for too many video ads -- they usually eat up resources pretty quickly.
  4. Make sure the Proper <script> is high in the header; the earlier it executes, the faster the ads can load.
  5. Make sure the sequence of your ads is correct. Learn more about sequencing here


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