It typically takes about 1-2 weeks to complete the OnBoarding phase.  During this time, we will source demand partner approvals for your website.  We also work to configure demand sources for your website's approved inventory.  Once we have a sufficient amount of demand in place, we will package and deliver an implementation package with detailed instructions.

Demand will continue to scale, even after launch.  The demand side also has to let their buying algorithms adjust to the new inventory which may cause a slight lag in monetization.

Once you receive the onboarding email, getting fully ramped up can take up to three weeks.

Here is the process:


Please complete these steps as soon as you can:

1. AdX Authorization
You should have recently received an email from Google with the authorization request. This registers your site with Google AdExchange as being represented by Proper Media and will allow us to run our AdX account on your site(s). Please let us know when you complete the authorization.

2.  Ads.txt Please update your ads.txt page with the entries included in the attached document labeled ads.txt.  

3.  Interest Based Advertising Opt-Out
Some demand partners require your Privacy Policy to include a link to opt-out of interest-based advertising.
This is the link they look for http://optout.networkadver tising.org/#!/
You can find an example here for context: https://you.com/privacy-policy/


Proper Approvals

Our team works closely with a myriad of demand partners to get you the best possible stack.

Learn more about this group of industry leading demand partners here.



Adding in demand is quite a process since each individual ad slot typically is associated with a unique ID, PER PARTNER. This means that if you had ten partners and 20 ad slots, there would be 200 unique IDs! 

On your end, a developer or website admin should be able to add our code on every page of the site in the <header> then also replace each ad slot with our new ad slots in the right sequence. If you don't already have ad slots, go ahead and place in our ad slot code where you would like them. 

Check out some tips on Ad Slot Placement here.



Once all of this is set up, our team will Q/A the entire header bidding stack to ensure it is all running smoothly. 

Then you are good to go! We will check in with you one week after launch to touch base on your performance, then again a few weeks later to make sure everything is going well for you. 


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