The Advanced Dashboard allows you to break things down by multiple dimensions. It is here you can view your data by dimensions like ad slot, size, device, ad network, UTM Params, etc.


Navigate To The Reporting Section

 To Navigate to the part of the dashboard where you can pull advanced reports, click on "[your site name]" (in this example "Demo Publisher #1). Then click "Advanced Dashboard. 


Set Your Date Range

To set the date range, click the top left section. There is an option to filter for "Today," "Yesterday," "Last 7 Days," "Last 30 Days," "This Month," "Last Month," and "Custom". You can click the From date and the To date. Click "Submit" to update the dashboard with your preferred date range.





Choose Your Dimensions

The order of the boxes is the order in which your dimensions will appear in the report. For example, to pull a report by day and by ad slot. Select Daily as the primary dimension, and ad slot as the secondary dimension. You may select up to 3 dimensions. Dimensions may also be filtered to include only specific data within the dimension.


Export Your Report

To export your report, click "Export to File," click "Download CSV  or Copy CSV to Clipboard."


Schedule Your Report

To schedule a report to be sent via email, click the Export to File button on the top right of the table. Select the desired format, date range, and maximum number of results to include ("All" is recommended). Finally, define if you would like an email to be sent and to whom. Click "Submit" to make it happen. You can view which reports you have scheduled by clicking the Scheduled Reports tab on the top right of the Advanced Dashboard.




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