Certain demand partners require your Privacy Policy to include a link to opt-out of interest-based advertising.


Why Do I Need This?

Demand partners strictly adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles which is "intended to enrich the consumer online experience."

According to the DAA guidelines, "The “enhanced notice” approach required by the Transparency Principle will offer consumers the ability to exercise choice regarding the collection and use of data for online behavioral advertising through one of several avenues. Links to consumer notices will be clear, prominent, and conveniently located. This enhanced notice will be provided at the Web sites from which data is collected." 

Basically, this means that in order to keep consumers happy, we should make it easy for them to opt out of using interest-based advertising. The organization that created an aggregated link to opt out is the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). "Founded in 2000, the not-for-profit Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is the leading self-regulatory association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising. "


What Does This Do?

The opt-out link was created by the NAI to offer an aggregated, easy way for consumers to opt out of interest-based advertising. Having this link easily accessible on your site is necessary to be in compliance with the Digital Advertising Alliance Self-Regulatory Principles.

"The NAI opt-out page is provided as a convenience to the public, but the opt-out cookie is set by participating NAI members, who are solely responsible for setting opt-out cookies and honoring your requests."

When the user opts out, the NAI tool scans the user's browser and creates a custom list of opt-outs tailored to each user. Here is what the opt-out form for the consumer ultimately looks like:


How Does This Affect My Data

It will not affect any of your first party data, only indicate to third-party buyers and data collectors that they should not use the data for "interest-based" targeting.

"When opting out of Interest-Based Advertising on this browser, participating NAI member companies may store your preference in opt-out cookies in this browser. This opt-out tool enables the participating NAI member companies to set their opt-out cookies directly in this browser, when possible. Sometimes a browser's configuration may prevent companies from setting opt-out cookies. If your browser's settings block cookies you may experience unsuccessful opt-out requests and may see a message that an "Opt-Out is Blocked by Browser Settings," or that an 'Opt-Out is Temporarily Unavailable.'"


How Does This Affect My Audience Pool

It does not significantly impact your audience pool.


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