Ad load speed is dependent on many factors so there are many things that can be done that can incrementally increase ad load speed.


Define A Page Type

For pages sharing the same ad template, a Page Type can be set using our Special Ops code. A page type is a defined group of ad slots to be pre-fetched. Rather than sending an ad request as each slot is written to the page, a page type tells our code to pre-fetch ad requests for all ad slots that it contains. For example, blog pages would be tagged with the special ops page type called 'blog', the home page would be labeled with 'home' etc. Refer to the Knowledge Base article on Special Ops for more info.

Ad placement:

Having units that are too high on the page can be an issue if people often scroll past it. 

Page load speed:

Having your website load faster means the ads will also load faster for a more seamless user experience. Try the Google PageSpeed tool to test your site's speed and to see what specific things can be done to improve.

Decrease Auction Timeout
The auction timeout is how long we hold the header bidding auction open. The higher the timeout, the more time is allowed for buyers to respond. Any bids returned after the timeout has expired will not be considered in the auction. This is a balancing act as we want to be sure we are getting the highest possible price for the ad while minimizing ad latency. If it closes too early, we may lose out on higher bids, and if it closes too late, it may cause a lag in the ad load. The default timeout is 1800ms.