We work across the demand spectrum to bring the highest quality inventory to you. We have vetted hundreds of partners and continuously are bringing on new inventory pipelines. Here is a sample of some of the companies we work with:


How Do I Know Which Demand Partners Are Running On My Site

To see what demand partners are running on your website log into your dashboard and click the left menu item with your URL, the example here is "Demo Publisher #1". From there, click "Advanced Dashboard". In the Advanced Dashboard, you can now see your data. Under Dimensions in the middle left box, click "Daily" to change the filter to be "AdNetwork". You will then see a report showing each column as a different demand partner.


Why Am I Not Integrated With All the Demand Partners Proper Works With

We are integrated with many demand partners that each have their own separate approval process. We request approval from all of them and run on the ones that are approved. Let your Account Manager know if you have any questions.


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