You may have heard about a new initiative by the IAB Tech Lab called Sellers.json + Supply Chain Object which is designed to provide more transparency and confidence in programmatic advertising. 
In short, it allows buyers of programmatic advertising to do two things: 
1.  Verify an entities' relationship with the publisher.
2.  Identify all intermediaries that an ad may have passed on its way to a publisher's site. 

Proper Media fully supports this initiative as it is fully aligned with our Demand Path Optimization efforts. Our team is well versed in this initiative although you can feel free to read more about it below. 


What is sellers.json?
sellers.json provides a mechanism to enable buyers to discover who the entities are that are either direct sellers of or intermediaries in the selling of digital advertising. It allows the identification of any and all intermediaries that participated in the selling of a bid request.

Why is it now required?
The IAB Tech Lab has introduced it as a new technical specification aimed at increasing trust of the supply chain, specifically on the supply-side of real-time bidding and programmatic buying. The Trade Desk, one of the largest buyers of programmatic digital advertising, will not purchase inventory with incomplete supply chain information starting in September.

What do you, the publisher, need to do?
Simply update your ads.txt file with the latest info in the Ads.txt Manager of the Proper dashboard. The latest update includes a DIRECT line from Proper corresponding with Proper's posted sellers.json file. This identifies you to buyers as having a direct relationship with Proper Media.


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